Television Ariels & Points

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Digital TV Antenna

Digital TV Antenna
£28.49 incl VAT

Falcon 22" Traveller TV

Bluetooth audio to headphones or soundbar Triple Voltage: 12V, 24V, 240V Mains Full HD 1080p Ultra-low power consumption Compact design Record and pause live TV Timer record to USB stick/hard drive HD Satellite decoder built in DVB-S2 Freeview HD built in DVB-T2 Built in DVD and CD player Comes with stand, also VESA wall mount compatible Free 3 year warranty
£289.00 incl VAT

Falcon UFO Direct Antenna

Omni directional aerial for Digital TV Low profile design, only 90.5mm high and 280mm diameter Base diameter 125mm Can be used on non-metal roofs Does not need to be grounded 6 metre cable included Includes F connector and standard TV coax connector 360° angle of reception Mounts through 15mm hole including cable Frequency Range UHF:460-862MHz Impedance 75 Ohm
£110.00 incl VAT

Maxview F to Coaxial Adaptors

Use Our F to Coaxial Adaptors easily convert a coax connection into an F connection.
£0.00 incl VAT

Maxview TV/FM 2 Way Coaxial Y Splitter

Combines two TV aerials into 1 lead or use to split 1 lead into 2 outlets. Can also be used to split or combine FM radio signals.
£3.60 incl VAT

Maxview TV/FM Coaxial Plastic Plugs

Suitable for all types of 4-6mm coaxial cable including CAI benchmarked cable
£2.47 incl VAT

UMount LCD/Plasma Bracket

£24.99 incl VAT